Saturday, July 2, 2016

Baked Fresh Fish

You have gone fishin' and caught some beauties! Now what to do with them.

Main ingredient in this recipe is BUTTER!
We like our butter here in this household. Rinse them(fish) off after cleaning them out.
Place butter slices(1tsp worth) in bottom of a baking dish appropriate size for the amount of fish you are cooking. Place fish in on top of butter slices that are in the bottom of pan... I used a 13X9 pan so it took about 6 pads of butter.
then in the gullet of each fish I added yet another pad of butter or two depending on size.
I cut open two small lemons and cut into 4 quarters. Squeezed the juices out over the fish in the pan, laying the leftover lemons throughout the pan on top of the fish. Cut some fresh dill flowers out of the garden and spread them out over the top of the fish.
Added to a heated grill and baked until fish were completely cooked. ( Fish will look like it is falling apart and meat will flake)

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